Debating at Debate Camp Colorado 2017: We've got BIG plans for 2018!

New for 2018

Half of our 2017 campers have signed up for 2018. We're doubling our available seats, so that means we are already 25% full! We hope you get your registration for Summer 2018 soon to secure you spot for Training Minds Camp in Colorado.

We're adding a LOT to the schedule. Check it out:

  • Last year was a 4-day camp. We are totaling 5 days in 2018.
  • Last year was only debate. We are adding three limited-prep tracks: Extemp, Apologetics and Parli.
  • Last year we guaranteed a 10:1 ratio of coaches/students. This year we're guaranteeing 8:1!
  • Last year students paid extra for the online membership. This year we're giving it to all students ($129 value)!
  • Last year we stuck the ropes course in at the last minute. We've included it as a permanent part of our camp!

Better Pictures in 2018

But these will be tough to beat...

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